I came to coaching about 5 years ago. I didn’t feel the role I was doing in events and marketing was for me, I needed something a little deeper that helped others and was making some form of difference in the World. I was feeling exasperated pretending to care about something that meant very little to me.

I started by completing an introduction to counselling skills. This took place once a week in a building not too far from where I lived and about 8 of us met to learn the beginning steps of what is needed to be a qualified counsellor. It takes 4 years of full time education to be a trained counsellor. In order to hold a safe space for people unravelling past traumas and experiences the counsellor must have a grounded sense of self. This includes having an in depth level of self awareness and a deep understanding of past experiences.

I am a huge advocate of counselling or any form of therapy. Life whizzes by so fast it is incredibly important to get clarity on our emotions. Peace of mind comes from understanding. We can not change our past or other people’s actions. We cannot control or try to fix everything around us. Our empowerment comes through understanding, it doesn’t mean we like it, it doesn’t mean we want it that way but the understanding gives us clarity. Understanding releases anxiety and fears. There is so much in this universe we will never be able to comprehend, it is crucial to spend time and energy understanding what we can, especially in regard to ourselves.

Counselling enables a deeper self knowledge so we can understand the complexities of our past in order to move forward. It can be painful almost like an up heaving of everything we know. It’s a bit like when you have physio or a deep sports tissue massage, there is pain at first but after the pain comes healing and agility. Counselling is about looking back and gaining clarity and its benefits are endless.

Coaching is a talking therapy and some aspects are very similar. Sessions are used as a time for clients to offload and express their truth. Coaches listen as a counsellor would and they empathise as a counsellor would. However, coaching is typically forward focused. Coaching is about reaching for your future. Coaching focuses on goals that you want to achieve, who you want to be, what you want to have and what you want to do. There is an element that will look at your past behaviours and habits but the focus will always be your future goals.

I focus my Mindfulness and Coaching programme on self awareness. In order to get an understanding of what will help us to achieve new ways of being we must have clarity on what has been surfacing. So I use a lot of exercises and tools based around self awareness. I work with my clients to get to the crux of what might be stopping them to move forward and what blockers are holding them back.

Any counsellor or coach will do the work to make sure that their services are right for you. I would say it’s important to ask yourself two things before committing to any service

  1. What do I want to achieve from this service?
  2. Who am I paying? Are they going to give me that?

We all connect with different people and it is important to make sure you gel with your coach. In order to feel you can be completely vulnerable and your most authentic self. Building a relationship takes a little time, but you must feel comfortable to ask questions and use your time with your coach to gain the most you can.

Do you have any questions? Give me a call and we can run through what might be the best option for you. No obligation required!

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