“I enjoyed the coaching sessions with Georgia, immensely. A lot of women will resonate with the day to day challenges I face as a busy mum, wife and entrepreneur. Georgia’s coaching helped me profoundly in organising my priorities and responsibilities, addressing what truly mattered to me and my inner happiness. Georgia was a pleasure to work with, she is a great listener, and always maintains such a peaceful and calm demeanour. I would highly recommend Georgia to busy mums like me.” Tina Paine
Founder of The Pink Lady Bee Honey

“I have found coaching sessions very beneficial and insightful. Georgia has assisted me in gaining clarity of thought and considering ideas outside of my immediate/habitual thoughts. Having coaching has enabled me to begin to achieve goals that I have been putting off for many years and to tackle my procrastination. It has been really helpful to have someone to talk through my thought processes and difficulties with, to reach resolutions and ways forward. Georgia is very friendly and considerate and it has been a pleasure to be coached by her.” Nicola Le Boutillier

“Georgia has been a brilliant life coach and the sessions have impacted multiple areas of my life in very positive ways. Georgia empowers her clients to identify areas for development and guides them to lead the coaching process and each individual session, scaffolding how they think about these areas to make progress seem not only possible, but exciting. Her approach is extremely useful and has left me not only feeling much more developed in the areas I wanted to work on, but also confident that I can replicate this approach in future when I come up against obstacles or challenges. From mindfulness to finances, time management to self-esteem, we covered a range of areas all of which I feel much better about as a result of Georgia’s coaching. Anyone who is dedicated to putting the work in to change their lives for the better would do well to have Georgia as a life coach.” Tigan Palmer

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